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Do you need a push to launch your Green impact NFT project to the skies? Project Ark Launchpad leverages our community and cutting-edge technology to support great projects launching their kick-ass impact NFT ideas.

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Our recent work

World Climate Tech Summit 2022

For the World Climate Tech Summit we have created 3 animated tickets inspired by renewable energy  elements (earth, sea, wind).

Water Conference 2022

For the Waterfront Conference, powered by the Waterfront Alliance, we have created the tickets inspired by the desire to create accessible coastlines for all communities.


NFTrees is a dynamic NFT collection built in partnership with Gainforest. The NFT changes with the data from satellites and drones, located over a forest in Paraguay.


Arkanauts is a 500 NFT collection supporting conservation and preservation of life on land, as well as life under water.

Genesis Drop

Genesis Drop is a collection done in collaboration with WWF Panda Labs to celebrate the return of the bison in the wilderness after an absence of 200 Years.

Suriname Star City

As first green metaverse Suriname's Star City introduces a new methodology for Carbon Credits: Sequestration.


We have designed the Proof of Attendance (POAP) for COY16 attendees.

Share smiles with Lay’s

First NFT created by Lays (Pepsico), featuring 300 smiles under the campaign “Share smiles with Lay’s”.

We develop high-end impact NFT projects from start to end.

Our focus on sustainability and preservation bridges the digital efforts of your organisation to measurable impact in the real world. We give you the tools to be at the frontier of sustainable digital transformation.

We support Companies, individuals, institutions and ngos that want to enter the blockchain space.

We are an impact innovators led organisation. Project Ark's Studio uses the latest in design, NFTs, blockchain and green tech to create unique web3 projects to support and foster the regeneration of the environment.

End-to-end impact NFT project development





Building web3 for impact solutions

Transforming projects and ideas into impact NFTs with our web3 technologies for impact solutions - go beyond carbon credits

Integrating impact NFTs into
marketing efforts and business strategies


Membership cards

Proof of Attendance

Community avatars

Special Drops

Unique impact focused web3 Utilities

Land tokenization (Digital Twins)

Biodiversity Registry (wildlife bonds)

Natural Capital Endowment Fund

Carbon Calculators and offsetting tools

CRED (Carbon Removal Dollar International Transition)

Engagements & collaborations


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Let's build together your Sustainable Solution!

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