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Do you need a push to launch your Green impact NFT project to the skies? Project Ark Launchpad leverages our community and cutting-edge technology to support great projects launching their kick-ass impact NFT ideas.

Creating a more sustainable Metaverse for real world impact.

Join us in building a future we
all want to live in.

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Our Story

Project Ark is an innovative new blockchain-powered conservation platform built in partnership with WWF Panda Labs.

We offer tailored services with the aim of creating carbon neutral NFT collections and integrating impact, as well as building the necessary infrastructure for the creation and sale of NFTs independently.

GreenTech Labs

A suite of battle tested tools and smart contracts to facilitate the creation, ownership, transfer, and fractionalisation of NFTs!

Work with our team to co-create new functionality for NFTs and push the boundaries: real world data NFTs, dynamic generation NFTs, geospatial NFTs, audio acoustic NFTs, carbon neutral NFTs, and more to be created.

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Highly curated NFT projects

We select NFT impact projects cautiously and verify each project’s team, innovative idea, and execution.

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Multichain drops

Project Ark will support green blockchains like Polygon, Solana, Bsc and much more!

Whitelist and fair distribution

Project Ark has an allocation system where your NFT ownership is accorded to your holdings and participation in our community.


Project Ark will offer future stacking, yield farming and NFT fractionalizing


Your Green ImpactNFT atelier

We help businesses, organisations, and foundations leverage web3 innovations while they foster impact in the real world. This one-stop studio for creating, promoting, and selling Green Impact NFTs independently is helping businesses become socially and environmentally engaged, one impactNFT at a time!

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Your own ImpactNFT incubator

Project Ark Accelerator leverages our community and cutting-edge technology to support great projects launching their kick-ass impact NFT ideas.

We curate the best projects and ideas and provide them with both technical and marketing platforms, so they can focus on changing the world. Reach out to us to join the Accelerator.

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Our exclusive drop

Project Ark is inviting you to take part in the launch of the Arkanauts, an elite group of 4,000 interplanetary explorers and emissaries supporting the global battle of climate change.

ARKANAUTS is Solana's first NFT membership program that is fighting climate change while supporting life on land and underwater. Be among the first to join a community of global leaders that contribute at the intersection of impact investing and doing good.

Arkanauts Drop Greenpaper

Meet the Team

Max Song

Team Member

Jon O'sullivan

BD Manager

Mihai Hrimiuc

Project Lead

Elena Zaharia

Product Manager

Ricardo Amaral

Marketing Head

Joe Pan

Head of Communications and Investor Relations

Arturo Fernandez (Harto)

Artistic Director

Nick Edgar

Tech Advisor

Maria Blanca

Head of Operations


Community Manager

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Let's build together your Sustainable Solution!

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