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Do you need a push to launch your Green impact NFT project to the skies? Project Ark Launchpad leverages our community and cutting-edge technology to support great projects launching their kick-ass impact NFT ideas.

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Supported collections


Komori is an NFT collection with a clear mission: To plant as many trees as possible while engaging the Solana ecosystem to benefit from positive impact

Doing good while doing well

With the current explosion of NFT projects, collectors find it hard to keep up and identify quality projects. Each NFT developer has to go through their own process of learning and building critical services, partnerships, marketing strategies, and community in order to create a successful launch.

ProjectArk is aggregating all of the partnerships, relationships, and knowledge necessary to create a viable NFT launch ecosystem.

We are formulating a unique brand and fostering relationships with strong existing interest and partnerships in the NFT space.

We are creating a unique brand and set of relationships in the NFT space, with strong existing interest and partnerships

Supported by a dynamic ecosystem of trusted partners

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Access to all the tools developed into the Ark Ecosystem, Guaranteed Community interested in the intersection between impact and cool NFTs with Stake option for upcoming drops.

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Highly curated and high-quality collections.
No scams or fake collections with real people behind.
First Access to future success drops that activate in the GIN space.

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