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Do you need a push to launch your Green impact NFT project to the skies? Project Ark Launchpad leverages our community and cutting-edge technology to support great projects launching their kick-ass impact NFT ideas.

Building the next-level technology to facilitate regenerative models of finance using Green Impact NFTs

SDG 13

1. Calculate your carbon footprint and offset

Our activities have an impact on the environment we live in. Due to current energy mix, nearly everything we do generates greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide and methane), and the total amount of greenhouse gases we generate through our day-to-day activities is called a carbon footprint.

Carbon offsetting is a method that allows individuals and companies to invest in environmental projects around the world in order to balance out their own carbon footprints.

Project Ark helps you calculate your NFT collection or event's footprint and offers tools to offset your emissions through a series of highly impactful projects.

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We offer verified Carbon Offsets

Protection of Trees

Protect the forest at the edge of deforestation.

Plastic Recycling

Support the creation of new recycling lines.

Cook stoves

Support the distribution of efficient stoves to rural households.

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2. Get rewards on CRED for offsetting

Designing a climate positive base currency for the metaverse

Carbon Removal Dollar International Transition (CRED) uses a Remove to Earn model, incentivising carbon removal.

Unlike traditional fiat systems of arbitrary money expansion or unsustainable inflation in crypto, CRED supply is generated through Proof of Removal (PoR). Only by proving credible carbon removal can more supply of CRED be generated.

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CRED will be redeemable across a growing network of NFT collections, drops, GameFi games, and other Metaverse applications

CRED will be tradable and useful as collateral across DeFi trading and lending projects, and offer staking rewards

CRED will allow holders to purchase Governance Council seats (as NFTs) on the Carbon Token Registry, deciding future methodology of the registry

Why work with us?

Leaders in the Impact NFT space

Our mission is to leverage technologies to make the world a sustainable, better place. Using Web3 technology, we implement projects that bring real world impact.

Experts in Carbon Offsetting

We help you calculate your carbon footprint and offset it supporting certified projects that support local communities.

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Our Technology

Building an eco-friendly technology.

Blockchain  Agnostic

We use PoS or PoH along with facilitating decarbonization for other PoW collections.

Building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

More tools coming soon

Our Impact

Project Ark x Peace Parks

We have created a personalized NFT admin dashboard and tech infrastructure to showcase live wild animal translocation.

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Project Ark x Typical Tigers

We have helped Typical Tigers offset 522 tones of CO2.

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Project Ark x SnarkySharkz

We supported SnarkySharkz offset 160.5 tones of CO2.

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Where are your NFT collections built?

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